Monday, December 18, 2006

the weekend

-watching and re-watching the latest office episode
-watching the bbc's newly attempted and extrermely long take on jane eyre
-adding about 3 more inches to my scarf
-fretting about the future and trying to convince jason of unwise paths
-remaining off coffee and dairy
-baking vegan cookies for the dharma center
-eating oatmeal, homemade bread, salt and vinager chips, peanut butter balls
-trying to keep sebastian quiet(er) and nico asleep
-feeding peanuts to the giant squirrels at the park
-applying for jobs online
-learning a powerful lesson about what watching too much thomas the tank engine will do to you
(i.e., there is a big distinction between station master and station manager and when applying to a broadcasting position, it is best to use the latter rather than the former.)

that's about it for now. hope you guys were all mellow yellow too. take care.