Friday, December 22, 2006


my interview went okay. not great or poor but okay. it took more than an hour and i looked like the woman conducting the interview so those are good things but my answers felt flat and lame, predictable. the truth is that it was excellent practice and i now possess a snazzy interview outfit for the next time. i was escorted there by my parents and with the rain and crying baby we ended up a few minutes late. i realized i was unaccustomed to bullshitting and this is a position that requires skillful bullshitting. i don't really think i was the right person for the position and i don't think we are prepared to move within the month. i really want to work in jacksonville, i like our place, a new health food store is opening nearby, and i really think we can contribute to the community here. it might require a car but i am starting to feel okay about that purchase as well. anyway, please continue crossing your fingers that i will get a call from t.f.p.l. thanks.

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