Monday, December 04, 2006

she's making her list + grey days and red boots

in case you were wondering what happened to nico...

the only time of day when you can catch his eyes open.

so, i am making many lists these days. the easiest two lists are the sweets list for the holiday gifts we are making for those near and dear as well as the list of people to send new year's cards to. we are going to be doing the family portrait this week and since jason works at an art store that happens to also print things we should be set. the more difficult lists include cities where we can relocate to and the on-going what do we want to do with ourselves one. we know our goals but this recent twist of circumstances has made us question the direction. jason needs to go to school, i want to work but i also want to homeschool, and write, and make things to sell. so what to do, what to do? as for cities, we like the portlands (maine and oregon) but we aren't sure how we could pay the bills there yet. but we have some time as i don't think winter is the time to pack up the wee ones and take off for a strange city. but perhaps in august? if nothing else we might go to gainesville again as it has more for us than jacksonville does. i know we should not be asking what our city can do for us but what we can do for the city and yet life is so incredibly short. we should live someplace that has the resources and amenities that we need. i still believe that it is possible to live without a personal vehicle but i also realize that we must live someplace that has alternative means of getting around. jason went to target on the bus yesterday and it took him four hours round trip. it is only a ten minute car ride at the most but because on saturdays the bus only ran every two hours (and there is hardly any sunday service in the entire city). considering the segment of the population that relies on bus transportation in jacksonville is of the lower economic class, i don't know, it just feels unjust. anyway, i am also thinking about participating in this eco-video competition just for kicks. anyway, that is about all i have to report here. mellow days spent browsing through my knitting books wishing for time/skills/yarn to do all the fabulous projects i see. hope all is well with you and yours. take care.


Anonymous said...

Jax is the worst for public transportation!! it can make you feel so down-and-out when you walk along a six-lane "street"/super-highway as all of the single-passenger SUVs drive by. anyhow, our brother Geoffrey and his family live in Portland, OR. If you want, I can get you in touch with him if you have any questions/concerns. They seem to really like it there, living without a car. Take care..

Anonymous said...

by the way, we have the exact same sling, and Beatrice hates it. crushes her hed.