Thursday, December 07, 2006

may we all have peace and love

i have been following the story of the Kim family every since it appeared. i assume it is because it really touched close to home. i realize that all around the world people go missing and often their stories are lost as well because of their race/economic status and yet i have shed tears for this family because jason and i often make wrong turns, because we have two little kids that we would walk miles and miles to save despite our own well-being. i really can't imagine the grief of the wife, well, i suppose i could but it would be so crushing that i wouldn't be able to go about my days. tragic instances like this can serve to give us perspective about what truly matters in life and stop taking joy for granted. we are all really blessed to be alive right now and we should do our best to remain aware of this state despite lesser stresses like rent, school, work, money. we all have a fantastic opportunity. i wish you the best in taking advantage of it. hug your babies tight, love your partners/friends/selves like there is no tomorrow.
peace and love to you all.

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