Wednesday, December 27, 2006

the day after

first, thank you everyone for the lovely gifts and holiday greetings. we spent the last two days x-masing but it wasn't as stressful as we feared. everything was low key and relaxed. last night we returned home for some paella and woodchucks and tried to get the house in order. today i have to find space for all the new toy additions. sebastian has every thomas the tank engine toy/dvd/bath towel ever created. i am still working on my resolutions but i know one of them is to try and shrink the size of my ecological footprint. this includes, among other things, returning to a vegan diet, reducing the amount of packaging and plastics brought into the house, and starting a container garden on our balcony. another project is battling the mistletoe epidemic that is spreading throughout the region. this is one of jason's major gripes so we are trying to figure out some sort of productive/positive solution for this problem. anyway, these are just a few of my morning thoughts. hope everyone is well. take care.

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