Thursday, November 30, 2006

For all those taking the JLPT

Your kanji cramming days are coming to an end...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Settling In

The transition to a four people household hasn't been too difficult so far. Sebastian is really good with Nico, though he is still waiting for Ingrid to arrive. Nico sleeps most of the time, even at night. I woke up with him maybe twice last night and all it took was a diaper change to get him back to sleep. When he wants to nurse he doesn't really cry, instead he emits this strange bird call, well, more like half a bird call. I was up and about hours after the birth but I won't be running any marathons anytime soon (but that would also be the case even if I hadn't just given birth). Anyway, things are going smoother than I anticipated. I bought a sling for Nico so now I am more comfortable walking around the neighborhood. Our next step is to rearrange the house, set up Sebastian's classroom, and get a regular schedule in action so that things here remain calm and mellow. In January, Jason will be starting online classes and I will be starting a part-time job so it is super important to find a rhythm that works for us. I am hoping I will work three days and Jason three and a half, that way we have equal time with the kids. Sure, we'll be busy but as long as we keep perspective and our sense of humor then all will be well. Anyway, today is a beautiful Sunday, the grandparents will be here soon, and the dishes still need to be finished. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

P.S. Regarding the which one is which post: The top is Nico and the bottom is Sebastian.

Nico or Sebastian?

Can you guess which one is which?

Friday, November 24, 2006

He's here

So, I guess even doctors make mistakes. But regardless Nicolai Augustus arrived 8:03 am Wednesday November 22. We will call him Nico. He is 8 lbs. 8 ozs and 21 inches long and he looks amazingly like his brother except he is so quiet (well, compared with Sebastian of today not newborn Sebastian). I did go to the birth center but after a while they decided to transfer me to the hospital for an epidural to get things progressing further. They said it must have been the car ride to the hospital that did it because I arrived there at 7:45 and you see what time he was born. My midwife delivered me because the doctor hadn't arrived yet which meant a lot to me. And even though I did end up delivering in the hospital it was completely natural, no medication, no IVs. And the hospital was so much better than the one I delivered Sebastian at. We were able to be released after 24 hours and so now we are home, safe and sound, though exhausted and kicking ourselves for not realizing that everything would be closed on Thanksgiving. Even fast food joints. But the grandparents are on their way bringing turkey and potatoes. Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday and welcome to my new blog.