Sunday, December 09, 2007

2008, when everything will be great

i won't be posting until the new year. wishing you and yours the best during the holiday season. take care.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

so it goes

it's been a rather long week. job hunting has dominated and it looks like we'll have to continue next week as well. i do have an interview on monday though the only reason i got this is because it so happens that i used to work with the woman who is in charge of hiring. it's a strange world, isn't it? online applications are the norm but the only way i seem to get any true opportunities is by connecting with people i know "in real life". networking, i believe the kids are calling it these days.

as for the job in kyoto, it's been over a week since they received my application packet and i still haven't heard from them. they were scheduling interviews on a rolling basis so i expected to hear from them this past week if i had moved on to the next stage. of course, i am disappointed. it was a long shot but the school's program is really superb (it is a SELHi with a international and cultural studies program that employs ten ALTs) and it is located in northwest Kyoto-ken in the lovely, lovely mountains. so yes, i am sighing as i accept the reality of their decision but i am happy that i tried. the positive aspect of this rejection is that it makes me feel that i definitely need to move to tampa and spend the next two years working towards my master's in tesol so that more doors will open for me. (that also gives the ex-nova bunnies time to thin out a bit). tampa does not thrill me but of course all i know of it is busch gardens and the retired circus performer village so i maybe i should give it another chance.

i was hoping to have some sewn goods to show off by now but i've been swamped with the job search. it is really a full-time job in itself. sebastian and i made some baker's clay holiday ornaments/alphabet letters and he's in the process of painting them today. we also are working on a few mini-kokeshi made from origami paper and wooden clothespins that can go on our little tree. i would like all of the ornaments this year to be handmade. sebastian is going to be gone this weekend for his usual grandparent weekend but after that we want to make some of the cool stuff that sarah has posted so kindly. i am also going to try and make all of our christmas gifts this year as well of our nengajo that we intend to design and print this next week so we can actually get them sent out this year. (so if you have moved recently, please drop me an email with your new address :)). also, the boys' stockings are on the to-do list.

all in all, i am feeling rather positive. my life has always been very cyclical so by now i know that the upswing is just around the corner.

hope you have a wonderful weekend.