Friday, December 15, 2006

do not fret

lest some of you mistake the intent/tone of my last two entries, let me clarify that i am not really feeling low nor do i suffer from ppd (eva). it is december, the time to reflect on the past 300-something days and project about the next 300-something days. i have always been a big fan of new year's and always make a list of resolutions. when the final edit is done, i will post the list here. i will tell you something right now, this next year is all about beginnings and continuity. we will increase our study of the japanese language in preparation for next december's jlpt. one or both of us will be entering school. i have found my ideal grad program and unless i find a comparable program elsewhere, we will be headed to gainesville in 2007. this is not to say i will be accepted to the program or that i will even apply this year but it is good to know what i am aiming for. the priority is to get jason in school even if we have to pay for it. a glimmer of hope was created yesterday during a friend's visit so we will chase after it in the new year. anyway, the kids are fine. we are selecting a kite to make for new year's, to continue a tradition that kai and his family started for us last year.

today or tomorrow, depending on nico's naps, we will be starting the holiday cookie baking extravaganza. i am still deciding which recipes to use but here are my options (though i realize the last two aren't cookies)
mayan cookies
vegan gingerbread cookies

since jason is allergic to wheat and i am off caffeine and dairy, whatever comes out of our kitchen is really an act of love. if i manage to give away all of the mayan cookies without tasting a crumb, well then i am a strong woman. too bad i can't post pictures right now because nico looks very sweet curled up on my lap and sebastian is having a tea party with his animal puzzles. hopefully i can overcome that technical difficulty soon. okay, hope all is well with you and yours. take care.

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