Saturday, December 23, 2006

things to do

my, how quickly december is passing. nico was born one month ago today which means i have been applying for positions for about a month now. i believe i have sent in my resume to a total of twenty positions, most of which i am unqualified for and yet i march on. the perfect position will present itself soon, i am sure. until then, tako no tako making, nengajo making and delivery (which will most likely arrive after the new year, but will definitely arrive), and major house-cleaning. new year's day will be spent at the dharma center w/ the first light ceremony (108 candles lit for peace) and a pot-luck lunch to follow. then some kite flying. i am really looking forward to new year's, x-mas not so much. sebastian is bound to get overwhelmed and over-sugared and it will take a few days afterwards to calm him down. like today, after two days spent driving around and thus breaking our routine, sebastian needs rest. today there is a lot of book reading and toy playing going on. after the new year, i will be seriously cracking open the montessori books to use counting and writing activities. and most likely the majority of sebastian's toys will be put away in favor of books and art/craft supplies. anyway, today, i am considering making a gingerbread house. we'll see how that goes. take care.

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