Wednesday, February 28, 2007

spring has sprung

is it still february? really? because sebastian's sporting a tank top and shorts, all the windows in the place are wide open, the birds are singing, bees are stinging, and i will venture to say that spring is now here. which, in florida, is a really nice time except for the fact that it is just a short treshold to summer. we arrived back here in july so we only had to suffer through the last four months of summer and now it is coming back again. so soon. but today it is spring and we are pressing flowers, drawing suns, making leaf impressions, and digging in the dirt some more. sebastian's main occupation outdoors is the pursuit of lizards and chochos (butterflies). all my craft energy this week is being spent on the alphabet. a felt version, a sandpaper version, stencils, salt letters. sebastian's finally taking more initiative in the writing department so i am supporting him the best that i can. for nico, we are making mobiles as suggested by the montessori books i am reading. he's really keen on grabbing things (including any race cars or thomas trains that happen to be lying around) and pulling them into his drooling mouth and he's rather good, in my biased opinion, at flipping over. not to mention how huge he is, already stretching out his 6-9 month clothes. anyway, time to get back into the sunshine. take care. xoxo
p.s. i have an interview at a downtown coffee shop this thursday. let's hope that it will exceed my expectations.

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