Saturday, February 17, 2007

they call him mellow yellow

yesterday was a day full of hassles so today when i asked sebastian what he wanted to do, he said, "let's just stay home and rest". done and done. i am trying to organize my days and nights better so that during the kids' awake time i can be *with* them instead of tackling chores and personal pursuits. one of my wacky ambitions is to manage to wake up and get to the Y when it opens via bike (they open at 5) so that the hassle of diaper bags and interruptions won't be included in the day. the less hassles the better, right? anyway, i have a pot of chili to tend to and a cranky nico protesting the swing so i best be off. happy weekend.
p.s. here's what my valentine gave me. considering that we rarely give each other presents, i am rather unmaterialistic in terms of personal wares, and we share a cultured aversion to the holiday, it was a very unexpected but happy surprise. thanks, jas.

(we traded the trains for animals today. such a nice change.)

(it always feels hopeful to tidy up my work space, though it is a bit cramped. at least it is cramped with good things.)

(a patient nico who sat for a bit in his swing so i could moo and baa with sebastian and his farm)

take care. xoxo

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