Friday, March 02, 2007


we are photobooth maniacs. especially sebastian who is extremely computer savvy. i will discover hundreds of pictures that he took while i was busy with something/someone else.

So this is my horoscope today:

(LIBRA) You've been warned not to get your hopes up, but it's safe to do so now.
You might find more in common with another culture than you think, so let yourself explore any options that present themselves. Though you may not realize it now, you're on the verge of changing your life.

Hmmm... something to think about, especially since I was offered a position at the aforementioned coffee shop. A full time position with responsibilities and such. So I am letting myself explore any and all options that are presenting themselves. Of course, I realize that there is no beginning or end to change. It is the only constant. Some changes are just more prominent than others. Happy March everyone.

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franny said...

you guys are so cute! look how big the boys are getting! wow!