Sunday, February 18, 2007

a sewing break

i managed to squeeze in some sewing during nico's nap this morning and i ended up with this groovy little headband. i don't think i have posted much about my sewing projects but i thought i would begin including it here like i do with the poems. i have actually been sewing since my early teens and used to sell hippy dresses and bags at local shops in my youth. i can't imagine that they were very good but they sold anyway. there is a long line of seamstresses in my family. i had a great-aunt annie mae whose quilts now hang in a museum of cultural history, a grandmother who sewed her own hats and party dresses, and a mother who sewed all of my halloween costumes and my prom dress (which i designed myself). she taught me the basics but it wasn't until recently that i developed the patience to sit down and iron and use needles and measurements. now i am really excited about developing the skills needed to produce the many, many ideas crammed in my head. so i'll be exhibiting my practice pieces here, if you don't mind. hope all is well. take care.

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