Monday, February 19, 2007

the five hour bag

gone are the days when i could sew a bag in 30 minutes. i made this one over an extended period today, trying not to get frustrated by the constant interruptions. i am happy with the end product. i used canvas from jason's store, a floral printed canvas that i found on the bargin table, as well as cutting up some of my maternity dresses for the black and grey material. it's reversible so i guess it is more like two bags, making it the 2.5 hour bag. jason said my headband looks rather old-fashioned. looking at the picture, i think it looks rather rhoda-ish but i don't believe jason has ever even seen the mary tyler moore show. his loss. anyway, this weekend's sewing was marked by my newly adopted habit of using the iron, measuring tape, and pins. the designs may be a bit simple but i am not too concerned about that at this point. anyway, now i must clean my little corner of the room before sebastian reminds me again that i "messed up" his room. he keeps going in there and saying "just look at this mess". what a nag. hope everyone is having a lovely one. take care.

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