Sunday, May 20, 2007


still working on my flickr uploading but it goes slowly as sebastian interrupts, demanding to look at his favorite pictures and video clips, all involving trains. the kyoto (unlabeled at the moment) pictures are just a tiny, tiny portion of our good pictures of japan. there will be more. many, many more.
other weekend projects:

one of my resolutions was to start container gardening. local and organic food is very important to me but hard (um, impossible) to come by in jacksonville. i could write more on why it is impossible but typing with one hand (nico's sleeping on the other) prevents the explanation for now. i am glad more people are hopping on the bandwagon. of course, my little tomato and pepper plants aren't to be compared but for me, it is a start. one day when we can have a little plot of land, be it community or personal, in a place where the soil isn't poisoned i'll be delighted but until then the most crucial lesson is for the kids to understand and connect food to its place of origin. also, i want to learn how to be as green as we can be in any situation. i believe that since almost 70% of the world's population resides in urban centers, then sustainability needs to be adapted and adopted within the city regardless of socio-economic status. (this is all that i researched and wrote about at university. i could write more but again, my right hand cramps at the thought of all those words.)

my other project, clean and organize my art+craft area. i'll be sewing that dress tonight or tomorrow as soon as i get the pattern traced and cut out.

i'm actually storing most of my stash away as i need to put all crafting projects on the back burner while we figure out our schedule and near future directions and, of course, study for the jlpt. i promise i won't post too much about the jlpt but i must say that it is funny to be teaching the basics of one language and learning the core of another. strange but utterly helpful, if that makes any sense. anyway, happy weekend.
***edited to add: i am getting rid of a baby knitted gift set that is quite charming but completely unnecessary for me. if anyone here is interested, leave a comment. i would rather give it to someone who values it than just drop it off at the goodwill. to see (poorly lit, sorry!) pictures of the set, go here. if more than one person is interested, then i will hold a little drawing.***


amisha said...

container gardening is good stuff. you can control exactly what goes in and you avoid the issue of our florida soil... um, sand... something that my wee garden plot has struggled with. the containers usually do a lot better than the plot. and it will be so good for the little ones to see where their food comes from!

Molly said...

Local gardening: I'm floored by this movement and how I feel less like a weirdo for my own plot. (We turned our sandbox into a garden--my grandmother, expert gardener, says you can grow all kinds of clever things in sand, but we went ahead and filled it with dirty anyway. How well do I listen?)