Monday, May 28, 2007


::reading bird by bird::
::sharing an excerpt that i, as an indecisive libra, found important:
(Anne Lamott is dress shopping with her friend who is terminally ill) p.170
"Then I said, 'Do you think it makes my hips look too big?' and she said to me slowly, 'Annie, I really don't think you have that kind of time.'
::thinking about how i use time and how i would rather spend this most precious commodity::
::allowing myself to focus and put other projects/interests/diversions on the back burner::
::finding two new blogs that help to confirm my idea that teaching is a good day job for a person like me::
::taking a break from blogs and blogging::
::hoping you are well::


amisha said...

time... much on my mind these days.
enjoy your blogging break dear... xo

Molly said...

The narcissist in me found this lovely post and then, this lovely blog. I look forward to exploring. :)