Thursday, May 24, 2007

shout out

this is one of sebastian's many self-portraits. yes, that is his angry face. no, he's not really angry.
this is my lazy way of replying/getting in touch with a few people that i owe responses to. i am thinking of every single email, call, comment i get, not to mention the numerous gifts that are in progress. please know that i am thinking of you even if i don't mention you here.

first, i wanted to mention that my good friend amie just opened up her etsy store. there are some cool little works of art there now and she told me she would be updating soon with much, much more so please check her out. amie and i met in ceramics class in high school. we sat at the same table with another girl (who is also a great artist and, ahem, hasn't written to me in a long, long time) and i am proud to know such talented ladies.

okay, here are the personal responses:
heather: i got your lovely (and long) message and i will call you soon. really. i promise. this weekend. for real.
momoko and eileen: i am sending your baby gifts to you soon. very soon. i just have to remake one part because i worry that your babes are getting too big.
hiromi: i am really sending you a package. and a postcard. i really love getting mail from you and i do hope that we will see each other soon.
eko: i can't believe that shara-chan is four and renka-chan looks just like her now. we will be mailing shara-chan's b-day present tomorrow.
for all those people who i promised postcards: this weekend, seriously. i finally found my stamps.
elizabeth: i want to send you a birthday present but it will be late because mom is out of country and i don't know your address. but please know that i am thinking about you.

whew. there are actually more but i think this will have to do for now. hope everyone is having a good week!

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