Thursday, May 17, 2007

busy bees

i am absolutely intrigued by the plight of the honey bee in north america. i have been thinking so much lately about connectivity and the scheme of things and wondering how life will unfold on this planet. the bee is such a vital part of the mechanics that make our human existence as we know it possible. a place for everything and everything in its place. i am researching honey bees right now in preparation for my next print that will be for both postcards and cloth.
on the homefront, we are all having a bit of difficulty adjusting to the new schedules. i do really like my job and it confirms that mainly i enjoy teaching, something that i resisted for so long.
and yet.... the drive is a hassle (especially since i hate driving) and this split schedule situation (jason and i alternating childcare with work) is not easy. we are tired and unorganized. i need to find my watch. and buy a battery for it. this, i believe, is the root of my troubles. i don't follow the time of man very well.
the kids, i am afraid, are getting the short end of the stick. two tired parents, distracted by work and trying to juggle household duties with parenting and other pursuits of the art+craft kind.
i'm really not trying to complain.
we are having a hard time keeping up with nico. he is not yet crawling but he is fast and adventurous. much more so than his brother. i am so glad we are on the first floor with this one instead of the third like we were with sebastian. he really keeps us on our toes.

unless i can pursuade him to be tucked away in his new sling. within five minutes, he is lulled to sleep.

anyway, my chores call.


rose said...

hmmm - i've also been thinking about bees a lot lately. they have been hovering around the dandelions in our front yard - which comforts me a bit. just seeing that some bees are still around. can't wait to see how the prints turn out...

amisha said...

i have been so disturbed by everything i have read about the bees. e has been following this really avidly and yesterday he told me that the latest study said that the bees are showing signs of AIDS!! it was shocking. each theory seems to show that we are doing damage to the ecosystem in ways that we cannot even comprehend.