Monday, May 14, 2007

homesickness + directions

lovely new album for mama's day.
enjoying the new bjork album via the radio blog club.
missing japan, as usual on the weekends. we flip through youtube for images of the places we miss.

realizing it is already may and i still haven't started my proper study for the jlpt. feeling a bit overwhelmed but ambitious.
i do like my summer job despite being so green behind the ears in terms of teaching esl. glad that my path involves this element. i have decided to apply to several liguistics masters programs by next winter. we're impatient to return to japan; perhaps this will open up the possibility of returning sooner than later.
finished the sling as a mama's day present for myself. put nico in and he immediately fell into a deep sleep. next up, a linen dress using a japanese pattern book. good opportunity to crack open my jisho.


melissa said...

good luck with your return to your japanese studies. i can't wait to see the dress you make from the craft book! it would be great if you lived closer, i have a few japanese patterns you could help me with...
happy mama's day to you.

amisha said...

i want japanese pattern interpretation from you too :) congrats on the success with the job so far and the decision to apply to linguistics programs... sounds very exciting! xo