Saturday, May 12, 2007


an afternoon off to clean and be here with these boys. microstoria and stereolab. candyland and almond scented glowing floors. reading the jungle book with sebastian and watching nico watch himself in the mirror. light streaming in, shifting shadows.

a rose from one of my students for mother's day. i enjoy having students again.

lists filled with projects to be completed within a short period of time. a linen dress, market totes, screenprinting, baby sets, kitchen sets, lunch bags. i'm going to re-incorporate paper moon with this blog; no need for the separation since there are no borders in my life, no space or time for division. realizing i need to collect more ocean relics to catch the sunshine. perhaps a journey to the sandy coast will be added to the list, along with parks and play, good food and wine.

happy weekend. xo

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amisha said...

such a peace and calm in this post. i love that final image of the windowsill... that quiet beauty. in the midst of the busy activity and the lists, quiet and time to enjoy home... mmmm.