Saturday, January 13, 2007

week in review

monday: after i wrote all that cheery junk, i was almost swept away in the undertow of my ocean of stress. it was a rough day.
tuesday: decided that it would be a new and better day. wrote to the cummer museum to volunteer my services. cleaned the house, finished all the laundry, made dinner hours before dinner time along with my favorite vegan cheesecake, took sebastian to free night at the museum.
wednesday: applied at the ymca for financial assistance so i can afford a membership and use their babysitting services so i can swim. i want to swim so badly, every muscle, every cell in my being awaits the y's decision. i had a phone interview for a community organizer trainee position. i have a 1.75% chance of getting it so i am not holding my breath. but it was educational. i had never had a phone interview before so i now i know what to do.
thursday: cleaned house (do you see a theme in my life), went to the park, bought some shoes, made eggplant curry.
friday: went to the downtown library for storytime. got some lauren child books, more bonjour les amis dvds and a montessori dvd called preschool power! which sebastian is mesmerized by. i checked out some pound and jeffers and john holt books for myself. checked out the farmer's market at hemming plaza. waited to hear back from wednesday's interview but nothing came of it so i made these cookies to cheer myself up. they did the trick. made a list of items to sew to sell, thought of more directions for my microbusiness to go. walked around the park at dusk and watched the sunset.

all in all, a rather tame week. hope all is well with you and yours. take care.

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