Wednesday, January 17, 2007

another resolution

i have vowed that i will no longer read blogs unless i have the time to post comments. this is just my personal resolution, you shouldn't feel the need to follow it yourself. unless, of course, you want to. i personally have no objections. i just want to spend more, um, quality time online and part of that is being more interactive and less voyeuristic. good idea, yes? i think so.



amisha said...

hi there fellow floridian :) thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i just can't accept the disconnect between the climate & the craft... must keep knitting in the hopes of making winter arrive!

Anonymous said...

i've adopted your resolution this morning, at least for your blog! thanks for introducing me to the photo blog of mornings in yesterday's post. (ps-- to amisha: winter has arrived in Canada! it's -40 with windchill this week. yikes, can you knit me something?)