Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 resolutions: an opus

well, we rang in the new year and went to the first light ceremony at the dharma center. 108 candles were lit, rice and beans were eaten. i made chocolate vegan, gluten-free cupcakes for everyone but surprisingly they were too busy devouring greens with hog jowls and pork eggrolls. to each her own. so, on to the resolutions/promises/plans:

*-transition to a vegan diet for the purpose of lightening my impact on the planet. it helps that it will also benefit my waistline and health in general.-*
*-design and implement a homeschool curriculum for sebastian based on montessori and unschooling methods-*
*-sew or thrift all clothes possible-*
*-try to make or buy second-hand anything we need before we buy from retail stores-*
*-limit the amount of plastic bought and brought into our house-*
*-exercise daily starting with walking or yoga then eventually (when i have the income/time to afford it) swim at least three times a week-*
*-write at least one page of fiction/poetry daily-*
*-study japanese in preparation for JLPT 3-*
*-start microbusiness selling handmade goods-*
*-container garden-*
*-find full time job that pays well locally-*
*-jason will continue working part-time to save for school-*
*-spend less time online-*

and so with the last resolution in mind, i must be off. i have to organize sebastian's room, start dinner, and finish the dishes so i can start on the clothes i am making for myself. two skirts and three shirts. wish me skill and time. hope you are having a delightful 2007. may you find much happiness in the coming year. take care.

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