Friday, January 26, 2007

for the boys

i knew that it wouldn't be easy to find a job but what i didn't realize was that it would be nearly impossible. i have felt disappointed, depressed, and disillusioned. the latter state of mind is actually the most promising. i know now what matters to me at this point is taking care of my family and to do that i am going to go the most reasonable direction. i am going to return to school to become a secondary school social science teacher. there is a program at the university of florida that will enable me to get my master's in education in one year. this coming fall i will begin as a post-bac student because i have to take ten (yes, 10) classes to enter the program. 30 credits. it turns out that all the interesting classes like "magic, science, and witchcraft" don't count towards a teaching certificate. again, i do not regret my major. anthropology has helped me understand the world and my place in it as well as being a parent. that is more valuable to me than a career. but the fact remains that we have to pay for jason's schooling as well as bring these two monkeys up. and the wonderful thing is that i will be able to teach at international schools when we are ready to leave the states again (though truth be told, we are pretty much ready to leave now, in our hearts at least). anyway, just thought i would share. hope all is well with you and yours. take care.

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Ayumi said...

Hi, Tiffany!
I'm surprised that Sebastian has grown though I know it's natural!!
And Nico is also pretty cute!! I want to see him someday...
I wish you good luck.