Tuesday, January 09, 2007

getting along

our life as a four person family is starting to settle. we are experiencing a period of grace, calm days and almost calm nights. it is an adjustment but we are learning. sebastian makes life easier for nico; he teaches us that both the good and the bad times will pass and through it all they will keep growing. today, for instance, we got caught in a big down pour on our way to the laundrymat and though sebastian doesn't care for the rain, he was more concerned for nico. what a big, big brother. i watch him sleep with his long black eyelashes and his solid feet and i can hardly believe he was once a tiny one like nico.
i finally claimed some space as my own. i finished a skirt today and will start on a shirt this evening. i have a growing list of projects including some clothes for the boys using my maternity dresses. not that they no longer fit me but i am tired of them and want to see them go further.

jason has all sorts of plans for this place and our time here. i am still a bit stressed/depressed about the jobless situation but this too will pass. i am happy to be able to create again and hope that eventually this will become profitable. ideally we could make at least a partial living from our cottage industries.

i hope everyone is well. take care.

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