Wednesday, January 24, 2007

same old story

a reluctant girl pursues a college degree with hopes of leaving the realm of minimum wage forever. makes good marks, becomes confident, some would even say cocky, lands a terrific job that she fails to fully appreciate, returns to the herds of job hunters and after a series of interviews that go nowhere, finds herself standing in a line at starsucks ordering a soy mocha and an application.
(in fact my story has already been a full length feature film, you know with diapers instead of cigarettes)

the moral of this tale? so many in fact. not that i regret my education but if i wanted to be on a career track i should have sought internships, grad school. now i have a fancy degree and will probably be serving lattes to my old professors. here's the moral: pride cometh before a fall. or how about how the mighty have fallen? but i never considered myself mighty. just a mama to two with a little student loan in need of payments. what are my options at this point? continue to submit applications. wait and see how that community organizer position pans out. start applying to grad school. but for what? you may ask. well, if i hurry i could submit my application for the master's in mass communication. or i could get a post-bac in literature and then go to grad school. or, or, or.... i could find a tiny island flush with mangos and bananas and teach tourists how to go spear fishing. or work in a factory popping heads onto doll bodies. i mean, what does it matter? the alps will be barren of glaciers in 2050 and the moon is disintegrating and we'll be pulled into the sun and if nothing else the sun will become a red dwarf in billions of years so all this work and worry about human civilization is meaningless. and that is such a relief because that means we don't have to value one life or career over another. everyone is equal and free, right? anyway, i am sure things will work out. as the great george michael once said:

****because i have had a some mixed responses to my recent resolution, let me emphasis that it is my resolution taken on because the interweb is such a great sucker of time. i love reading blogs, they are great for inspiration and help me feel less alone as a mother trying to live as our banner states. so don't think i was fishing for comments to be left, i really don't care either way. i like comments but i know that most of the time there is nothing that needs to be said. writing comments is my way of being aware of how my time is being spent because i have so little non-mothering time. okay? take care*****

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