Thursday, March 15, 2007

oh so quiet

the combination of creative and physical pursuits recently has led to a certain stillness of my usual mental chatter. swimming and yoga before sunrise, gifts to be made, charcoals rubbed and erased against paper, my surroundings clarified through constant observation and attempts to understand the present, to be, to be. not writing much these days, all spare energy is spent cutting, sewing, carving. today sebastian is off to his nana and papa's so i'll be trying to get a lot of work cranked out and posted over at papermoon. perhaps some poems on the horizon as well. the ides of march is upon us, friends. xoxo


melissa said...

hello, nico! he's gorgeous.
have fun doing your work and writing poems. i'm looking forward to seeing what you make.
m x

amisha said...

enjoy your quiet time, tiffany. love your photos today.