Thursday, March 22, 2007

poetry thursday*

a human experience

thousands of little suns
set by hundreds of hands
fingers and thumbs
bringing the sky
to the earth
in celebration of being beings
a path weaves
through the melting wax
and chanting cicadas
and we follow, awe-struck
the august wind pervades
like dragon's breath
and in the middle of this
crafted universe,
young girls spin like planets
their robes of flowers
orbiting around them,
never touching the ground

*this week's poetry thursday's prompt was to use an image that is inspiring. in my archives i found this image taken at a recently created tradition in nara, japan (where we lived) called tokae which means, essentially, light flower gathering. it is a simple concept but has a tremendous impact. i like the effort put into this event that coincides with obon, the midsummer holiday when the dead come to pay a visit and their families greet them with bonfires and lanterns (i'm simplifying it here). to me it is inspirational because this new tradition has no real rationality (religion-wise) but is done, as one of my former students said, "just because". many hands coming together to create beauty for beauty's sake. how human.


Ron said...

Wonderful picture and poetic expression. It reminds me of our own tradition of Christmas luminaries all over town during the holidays.
I especially like the "thousands of little suns...bringing the sky to the earth..."
And thanks for visit and comment.

melissa said...

beautiful poem and photo, you've conjured a special moment perfectly. I especially like 'beauty for beauty's sake, just because... how human.'

Regina Clare Jane said...

I loved this poem... so evocative and moving. I loved the phrase of young girls spinning like planets- I can see them now...

GreenishLady said...

Oh. I like this a lot! Very beautiful and soul-touching piece.

Kimberley McGill said...

An elegant poem that captures the essence of this event so well that the reader that has never experienced it gets a good taste. My favorite line: "the august wind pervades
like dragon's breath'

Fragmentsinsight said...

You've captured an almost magical moment with your poem, making the reader experience the experience.
Wonderful poem creating a beautiful picture.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed reading this and being transported....

amisha said...

what a beautiful poem and image. a perfect peaceful moment...