Wednesday, March 14, 2007

march marches on

the weather here has been sunny and warm, postcard perfect. yesterday we had our first real spring "picnic" style dinner with some kampyo nori rolls from the sushi place down the street and japanese potato salad washed down with the very refreshing lemon cucumber water. jason rides his bike to work and his route involves a bridge so it is time to switch to a cooler evening meal.

sebastian's chugging away at his abcs. he responds well to this montessori inspired method of feeling the letters. here he gets to know the letters cut from sandpaper.

and here he writes them in salt. it is so effective. he even does the japanese technique of writing the letter on his palm with his index finger. i like that he is really introducing himself to the letters so thoroughly. he's been memorizing the pages of his favorite storybooks and reciting them verbatim. i know it's not true reading but it is amazing to be a witness to his development. everyday i am stunned by how big he is and yet how small he remains at the same time. my little big guy.


kayla_d said...

That's really cool to see those alphabet-learning methods work with a child. I experimented with similar hands-on techniques with some non-literate adults, and had pretty good results.

Anonymous said...

jerome does the same thing with all his favorite books. verbatim! it's amazing isn't it!

amisha said...

yes to cooler dinners... i bike commute too :) salads all around!
so fascinating to read about these tactile methods of learning. i love the combination of the visual/ touch/ sound there.