Monday, March 19, 2007

time to invest

consumerism has its place, i suppose, if you perceive it as investing rather than shopping. i received a random check saturday and being the non-savers that we are, we decided to direct our unexpected funds into investments that will serve to develop and enhance our life. aka we bought pretty things.
like these books: so informative and lovely. it was such a silly rush to actually buy these books that i've been eyeing forever. (silly as in i actually embraced the bag. can you tell we rarely shop, i mean, invest?)

i developed a little crush on this target sweater when sarah of the small object posted about it. i thought i'd copy her color selection but then this pretty green was on the rack and who can resist a pretty green.

this was my cheapest investment. 2 bucks at a yard sale along the way to the cafe for breakfast. yards of lovely 1920's fabric.

now these books are the result of long-term investing but i feel that they should be included since i have finally dusted them off to begin preparation for the japanese language profiency test (level 3) that is now less than 9 months away. this is a big investment in myself and our future and also a big investment of time. in order to study i will have to develop a night owl routine that is alien to my life right now. but if i want to get into this graduate program (or something similar) then i need to up my nihongo skills like mad crazy.

the orchid show at the garden club of jacksonville was this weekend and jason did his own investing there. (i was allowed a quick walk around the fantastic center display before having the honor of dragging a tired sebastian down to the park where he could touch all the plants to his heart's desire without fear of being scolded).

i hope everyone had a lovely weekend. a belated happy st. patty's day to all of ye. may you all find lucky shamrocks and pots of gold at the end of your rainbows.


kayla_d said...

hey! we'll have to compare notes on our new titles! and I do like that sweater.

franny said...

looks like you've been busy, but so glad to read of it here! very saucey sweater- how i long for the day i when i finally get to fulfill my consumeristic desires in a target...

momo said...

wow! All these book! Lots of study and sewing for you. Have fun!
Love to see some pictures from Lotta's book,please!

amisha said...

you are so cute with your babes!
gorgeous sweater and new books... so exciting! good luck on your proficiency test. i remember my spanish proficiency test from grad school... a 30 minute oral exam... ack. but it all went fine in the end :)

hannah said...

mmmm, shopping!! oops should i say investing! that fabric you got is gorgeous though, what a find!!

suzy said...

lovely things! the sweater is gorgeous. i have the "sew u" book too, and love it.