Sunday, July 29, 2007

111: Silence is Platinum + A Birthday ShoutOut

Living in a small two bedroom apartment with four people, two of whom are under five and two of whom are rapidly approaching thirty, is, well, interesting. Now that Plan B is pretty much down the drains, we are drawing up the plans for Plan C. But this is not easy especially since we are still mourning a bit over the deceased Plans A and B. They were such nice plans. They had so much time and effort invested in them. And yet, as the songs says:

(i just like any excuse to post kenny rogers and the muppets singing together)

anyway, plan c is forthcoming. i've been able to have a few hours of relative silence as jason and sebastian spent the night at his folks. a bit of writing, a lot of dishes, and a lovely cherry-peach cobbler made in honor of my dearest friend a's birthday. (okay, so maybe i just happen to realize that today was the 29th after i made the lovely cobbler but still....)
HAPPY 28th A! I can't wait to see you and R. We have been looking forward to your return for over a year! When you get here there is a cup of tea and (depending on how soon you get here) a bowl of cobbler waiting for you, my love. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday and we'll see you soon!!! XOXO

hope everyone is having a happy weekend. take care.

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