Wednesday, July 25, 2007

109: Signs of a Good Day

today is one of those days that make me wish to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. the kids have been not so crazy and we have actually just had a lot of fun. the trick to staying at home with kids is to disconnect from "real time" and just be home. usually on tuesdays i am home until around 4:30-5ish when the kid watching shift changes and jason comes in and i go out for my evening class. like i've said repeatedly, i do enjoy teaching but i also really love not working as well. my mellow approach today has also been helped by a few glasses of iced chai latte. so good.

anyway, we have been crafting fools today. some potato stamps, beetle and crocodile.

a very lovely mess. homemade play dough, a batch of whole wheat chocolate oat cookies, lots of stamping action, and salt letters. oh, and mr. bump made a few appearances today for mr. baby (as sebastian insists on calling nico lately. he's mr. sweetheart and i promise he bestowed that upon himself) as he continues to believe that he can stand up sans holding on to anything. poor unbalanced babe. thank goodness for the soothing powers of mr. bump aka cold pack.

bbc planet earth is our go-to when the heat becomes too much and we just need sebastian to chill out for a few moments. sebastian is drifting away from trains/planes/automobiles and has a newly focused interest in animals of the world. he doesn't even flinch when the gigantic great white shark attacks the seals. we put up a map of the world in his room and he is learning where all the different animals live. it is really amazing how well he remembers geography.

and a good day for nico, access to some sort of paper product to chew on. his teeth are pushing through like mad and all he likes to do is to find books, important papers, boxes, etc. and chew them until they become a pulpy mess. kinda like a puppy, i suppose.

and for me, i was happy to find my tomato plants are actually making, gasp, tomatoes. well, three of them. but that is three more than i thought i had.

jason will be home soon and we'll get to have yet another candlelit dinner of leftover millet and summer vegetables. if the rain passes, perhaps we'll even make it to free night at the museum.
a good day indeed.


mindful mothering said...

Yes, I agree, the trick to staying home and loving it is to not pay attention to time. I'm one of those mamas who loves being home with my kids and my most enjoyable days are those days when we have nothing planned and a world of options in front of us. Crafting can be so much fun on these kinds of days!

Congrats on the tomatoes!

melissa said...

ah yes, the 'letting go' is my trick, too! letting go of my desired expectations for a day and not looking at the clock if i can. what a lovely creative mess you have there, we've been doing potato stamps this morning as well. fun.