Friday, July 27, 2007

110: Making and Made

a new project in the works, designed to help me focus on the natural environment around me, to seek out the good and green in my corner of the planet. i will have more soon.

still enjoying our play dough. i used this recipe and divided it after it was cool and mixed in food coloring. we had four separate ones but green+yellow+blue have joined forces.

trip to the library, animal books and chapter books to be read together at bedtime. now that i am not working evenings anymore we are really enjoying the evening routines of dinner and bedtime again.

some projects finished. a simple cotton cloth, good for use with wee ones.

the linen dress reformatted to a simple book bag.

quick embroidery, done in between games of candyland and castle building. it says motasete itadaku which literally means "humbly be allowed to carry." big enough for composition and sketch books, a few books to read when those unexpected moments open up that allow my attention to be directed to paper instead of a child.

speaking of which, both kids are now hanging off of me so i better sign off. today was too hot for the park so sebastian is certifiably insane right now and driving the rest of us batty.
hope all is well with you.


melissa said...

i do so love the last photo of you and sebastian together. just beautiful!

amisha said...

the homemade playdough sounds like so much fun. and beautiful new projects too... the embroidery on that bag is perfect!