Wednesday, February 20, 2008

still here

we've been scheming and playing and reading and working. yesterday we took two trips to the beach, one early in the morning before a big storm with a thermos full of coffee and then later that afternoon after the rain had cleansed the sky. nico was fearless, running straight at the sea while sebastian happily dug tunnels for his animals. he practiced writing his name in the sand then we made a large sand sea turtle. a nice day.
today, haircuts and cleaning. a batch of (gf) maple pecan scones was made and consumed. sebastian is making some thumbprint drawings via this book we found at the library. the library remains our constant weekly adventure, especially now that sebastian owns his very own library card (thus we can check out 10 dvds instead of 5). i'm making vocabulary flash cards, feeling like a lazy lump since i have not seriously studied since i left japan and i might actually need it soon. very soon. but more on that later...
anyway, i just wanted to pop in here and say hello. we're good though ready to prepare ourselves for the next step in our journey. hope everyone is doing well. take care.

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