Thursday, February 07, 2008

clean sweep = fabric giveaway

hi there. still without a working camera so i have to rely on my archived photos for a bit longer. with the six month deadline looming, i feel anxious to begin working on the move. today we're submitting all the necessary paperwork for nico's passport. you should see his photo, his cute confused expression. i lost his birth certificate somehow in the move and going through our stuff in search of it, i felt as if i were sifting through another family's possessions. i just feel no attachment for our material goods now that i feel more confident that we'll be leaving the country again. so books will go to the used book shop, housewares to friends and family that need them, and excess clothes to the thrift shop.
it's an act of faith, this lightening.
i have a lot of fabric and between homeschooling the boys, work, and studying japanese, i will not use it and probably won't have an opportunity in the near future. it would make me *so* happy to know it was in the hands of those who would appreciate it. if you would like some free fabric, please email me or leave a comment. tell me what colors you like, if you are in need of floral designs, etc., and i will send you a little package no matter where you are.
hope you are all well. take care.

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Anonymous said...

so does this mean you all are headed back to japan?