Friday, February 08, 2008


i wanted to share some of my favorite blogs, blogs that i check regularly to regain perspective and feel better about the world knowing that such lovely people are out there living the good life.

first, i want to toss the excellence award back to cyndi and give yet another one to momo. i met both of these ladies in nara and have enjoyed being connected to their journeys through their blogs. both are now expats, crafting a simple and beautiful life for their boys in their adopted homelands.

next, i must mention kayla as she is such a wonderful and talented person both online and in person. in this past year or so, she has come to terms with the diverse elements of herself, embracing her profession as well as her strong artsty-craftsty side by opening up an etsy shop.

i love amisha's words. she seems so grounded but utterly open and strong. i admire and respect her for all the positive energy she puts into every aspect of her life.

i relate to melissa very much and have really enjoyed watching her recent move from new zealand to norway, both places that i wish to see someday. i like her honesty about herself, it makes her blog very accessible. as much as i do like the dreamy blogs where there seems to be no shortage of motherly patience and virtue, i truly savor blogs where the author admits to sneaking chocolates and having moments of frustration.

which brings me to nina, who i can always rely on for a laugh and a good dose of wisdom gleamed from the frontlines of parenting. she presents such a balanced glimspe of her enthusiastically lived life, always embracing the yin and the yang.

i could go on but i'll have to be satisfied recommending my link list as a jumping off point. there are just so many incredible blogs out there. i feel lucky that their authors decided to allow others to witness the beauty of their daily existence.


The Whole Self said...

oh tiffany! this just made my day! i needed this pick me up this morning...a pick me up that packs more punch than 10 cups of coffee! it's nice to know that my blog brightens up your day. thank you!


nina beana

kayla_d said...

Thanks, Tiffany, for the sweet words. You're so right about me finding the balance between my work (which pays!) and my other, more creative love.

I'm glad that you guys are headed toward a goal that will soon be reached. While I want you to keep on sewing and creating because it's such an important and enjoyable outlet, you know I'll be happy to help you lighten your fabric load:)

I miss seeing you regularly at work!

amisha said...

tiffany, thank you so much for these sweet words my friend. they are so very appreciated. thinking of you and sending you a big hug. xoxo

Anonymous said...

hi tiffany,
thank you for the vote of excellence. i saw your comment about emailing so here's my address