Sunday, March 22, 2009

march (i)

off we go.
we are actually delayed by the weather right now. according to the agenda, we should be on a ferry at this moment. there was a terrible storm (again) akin to what we call tropical storms last night. crazy wind, rain, and lightning. this morning it is still grey and soggy but not too terrible. we missed our ferry mainly because it is hard to convince two sleepy boys that ferries don't wait for latecomers. instead of getting frustrated, we simply said, let's wait for the next one. it is our vacation after all. we know from experience that patience and acceptance of our limits are necessary.
anyway, so farewell for now. we'll check back in here next week. hope your first week of spring is glorious and warm. take care.


Alice said...

Happy Happy Spring! Have a great vacation! Thank you for the kind message regarding Rhett's news. And when you get back, can you let me know how to join you for tea? LOVE, Alice

Alice said...

Oh regarding the program - I'll let Rhett explain it - he can do so better than I. We are super happy and thanks again for Congratulating us on our good news.