Monday, March 09, 2009

march (e)

"when i was little..." such a common utterance from sebastian's mouth these days.
"when i was little, i always picked up my toys."
"when i was little, i saw a turkey at the zoo and i said it scared me."
"when i was little, i never ate strawberries."
funny how he is sentimental while he creates myths about himself.

(if you notice, jason, sebastian, and i are all in the picture so that must mean the photographer was...)

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Melissa said...

hi tiffany,
i like the sound of your plans (below.) very sensible.
and also, i have noticed that arlo does the same thing as sebastian, with the sentimental anecdotes. it's amazing ot me that he is doing this already. but i do it quite a lot, so he's probably learned it from me. :)
p.s. great picture, nico!