Tuesday, December 23, 2008


i know it is not as cold as it is in other places. other places have things like ice storms and brief periods of daylight.
but here it feels cold. it makes me very aware that i was born and raised in florida. i crave sunlight and warm toes and fingers.
i like to be able to go into my kitchen without shivering and seeing my breath. little things, really.
i'm trying to embrace the winter, to appreciate how prominent colors become under a grey sky, to face that this is part of life instead of trying to avoid it.
it is a process and i probably won't come to terms with it for a few months. you know, when it is warm and, well, spring. then, i will appreciate winter. now though it is just about working through it.


kayla_d said...

I know it's hard to escape the cold in a Japanese house! But you'll make it--lots of snuggling!

I know what you mean--I'm such a Florida girl, too--the other morning I walked Kobe and it was warm, so I showered and put on a dress and flip flips. In December! I was so excited. But by the afternoon, it had dropped down to the 50s, and I was out and about in next to nothing. I deserved it--I know I'm pretty spoiled by our moderate temps!

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

even though japan is not the coldest place on the planet right now (well maybe except for hokaido) there is something about the cold here that feels so bitterly cold. colder than cold. i don't know what it is. maybe it's because we can never escape the cold. we are out and about on bicycles or on foot and then the no insulation homes offer very little in the way of comfort and warmth. brrrr!

we are drinking lots of cocoa and ocha lately.

peace and warmth to you all.