Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vegetarians: Avert Your Eyes

Part of our life on a sea island.
Just a note about the big tuna: we know about the terrible destruction associated with the hunt for this fish. (these fish were tiny compared to the picture in the article). A group of these fish were caught for the visit of Prime Minister Aso and a local grocer was doing a raffle to give away large boxes of it cut into sashimi to get people out to see the unpopular Prime Minister. It was a really cold day though so not many people made it, even with such temptations. We happened to be out and have a raffle ticket and won some. We cooked it up in a soup the next morning, as it wasn't exactly sashimi weather.


jan in nagasaki said...

oh, I am totally a vegetarian. but gifts from the sea, nothin' wrong with that!!!!

Tiffany said...

Jan, I was a vegetarian from 8 years old until I got pregnant with Sebastian at 23. When Jason and I met we were both semi-vegan. Now we are absolutely lapsed. Jason has a thing for Goto beef and I am a big sashimi fan. Maybe when we move to a city again we can resume our more ethical ways. Until then, we console ourselves knowing that we eat local.
Thanks for the comment. Take care.