Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yesterday I went to a wedding reception for one of my co-workers. It was a very gala affair with the bride changing dresses not once but four times. I unfortunately didn't capture her in the white traditional Japanese wedding kimono, but as you can image, she was stunning in that as well. The bride is the kindergarten teacher at my school so it was arranged that her students arrive and sing for her. They sang the theme song from Ponyo and another from Greeeeen, a popular j-pop band. After that, they got to partake in the chocolate fountain and pour chocolate over fruit and their school uniforms. Then, when the kiddies left, a group performed the Shishi mai dance to help cleanse the new union. The saddest part was at the end when the bride said good-bye to her parents and took her new place next to her in-laws. There was a lot of good food and drink and people were really enjoying themselves, something I am always happy to witness. Too often the side of Japan that I see is entirely too tense (I work in education after all) so I like to see people with their hair down.
I wish the best to the newlyweds. They definitely had a very proper start to their marriage.

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