Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Country Tis of Thee

I am so,so proud of my country. For me, this election was a test to see if the democracy process actually worked. We have been waiting for so long to hear the voice of our nation and now that we hear it, it is startling clear. Thank you so much, my fellow Americans, for standing up and fighting. For choosing to go a different course from the treacherous one we've been following for the past eight years.


Anonymous said...

poetry heals

i'm still misty eyed with joy and hope

Melissa said...

yes, poetry is healing- and good for the soul. thank you for sharing it with us!
i'm so happy for the usa, and the world, too. x

amisha said...

thank you for sharing this, tiffany!
slowly it is settling in for me that we can stop fighting, stop being frustrated, stop just holding the line defensively... and start moving forward. it is a good, good day.