Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here is Nico making a postcard. We are trying to get better about communicating. We are so busy now that when we come up for air, we just breathe. It is necessary to let a lot of projects be shelved for a while. A stack of linens waits by my little sewing machine for a quiet night to make pants for the boys, a dress for myself. The looming tower of Japanese study books is left alone so I can learn about assessment techniques and language acquisition theories. The weekends are family orientated with exploring and creating taking up most of the agenda. Taking classes online puts me in front of the computer too much, causing me to shy away from it in my spare time. So until I can give what I want to here, I am starting a new flickr account where you can see what we are up to. The link will remain in the sidebar for easy access (ahem, hi mom(s)!).
Hope you are well. Take care.

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