Saturday, September 27, 2008


For my 29th birthday, I took 29 photos. It was a work day and nobody knew that I had just stepped further into maturity. My last year of the twenties. So, like others, I have made a list of the 29 things I will do in my 29th year:

1. Go to Kyoto
2. Sew 5 dresses for myself
3. Become pera-pera in Japanese
4. Read one book entirely in Japanese
5. Get perfect scores in all my classes
6. Go to the dentist
7. Vote for Obama
8. Knit a scarf to completion by winter
9. Make a print block postcard once a month
10. Teach Sebastian how to write
11. Toilet train Nico
12. Do yoga at least twice a week
13. Join the Japan Association of Language Teachers and attend Nagasaki chapter meetings
14. Publish at least two pieces of writing
15. Draw more
16. Go camping at least once
17. Swim at Takahama Beach
18. Donate money to Karma Kagyu
19. Do a litter pick up every other month
20. Donate to NPR
21. Up my intake of locally produced food to 75 percent
22. Keep daily journal of bilingual progress and post online
23. Buy a new Montessori material every month
24. Grow plants indoors and out
25. Get some furniture
26. Save 20 percent of income
27. Go to Fukuoka
28. Meditate daily
29. Remember to take pictures every day


Anonymous said...

happy birthday Tiffany.

that is a very impressive list. ganbare! and i'm not saying that because i doubt that you can do it all. i've no doubts whatsoever. i say it simply to be supportive.

George said...

Happy B-day, Tiff!

george f.

kayla_d said...

happy birthday, girl. those are some great goals for the next year, and i think you will definitely achieve a lot before you're 30!