Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Brings Us Here

We are brought here by a desire to raise global citizens. To have them understand the world better through bilingualism and interactions within the international community so that they can help their generation work towards a world of peace and empathy.

I am here to understand the Japanese family structure better and how it contributes to producing a society full of considerate, kind-hearted people. I am here to study the role of the child in a proclaimed "child-centered" culture. I am here because here I can do the work that I love and support my family in the process. I am here to work towards a dream of establishing a school where creativity, interactions with the natural world, and the Montessori approach would be intertwined.

Jason is here to explore and establish more connections within a country that he has long admired. He is here to have the opportunity to be with our sons more than most fathers are afforded. Here he can work towards developing himself as an artist. Here he has freedom and time.

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