Sunday, July 20, 2008

Snapshots of Nagasaki City

It's impossible when walking around modern Nagasaki not to feel a sense of history, a sense of sadness. On our recent trip, we did not make it to the Peace Park or the Atomic Bomb museum but everywhere you walk there are plaques telling you what used to be there. They are discrete about it, they do not state that this building or that was destroyed by the bomb. This is very generous on Nagasaki's part. Nagasaki was a very important port city, extremely international by Japanese standards. The structures that survived such as the former British consulate (the brick building) or the stone Spectacles bridge, serve as reminders of the event. I believe Japanese tourists prefer looking at these places compared to the melted clocks or bells because it is not the destruction but the survival that is inspiring.

Islands along the way

The blue waters of the East China Sea

Looking for whales

The former British consulate


Koi under めがねばし

めがねばし:: Megane-Bashi


Sleeping on the ferry home

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