Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a week and a half?!

so what happened to the plan of celebrating florida here with regular pictures? i'll tell you what happened. sebastian, nico, and i spent a lovely morning at the beach playing with friends. though i failed to remember to take pictures (as often happens with two boys around the ocean) the sand did not fail to invade my new little camera. it's off to the shop with it today. please cross your fingers that it won't be terribly expensive.

and what's with this question that people keep asking us, "so do you have your bags packed yet?"? what? i mean, hey we have time. like a, week and a half.
a week and a half?!
it doesn't help that i was down for the count for the last 2.5 days due to a stomach virus that i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (if i had one).
but we'll manage. i just didn't realize how quickly time was passing. i definitely didn't stick to my study schedule so i know less japanese than i had hoped to upon arrival. i'll just have to push along with my pimsleur cds and hope for the best.

this weekend is the big guy's 5th birthday. the grandmother suggested a popular kid pizza place where "a kid can be a kid" as sebastian always quotes from their commercial on pbs. sure, it's a little hooky but it's his birthday and what a fitting american experience: pizza, pitchers of soda, and a giant rat.

well, hopefully the camera will be fine and i can represent florida a little better in my next post. until then, take care.


GreenishLady said...

I'd started using Bloglines and relying on it to tell me when you've posted - and your last 3 posts have all just come in together! I've enjoyed Florida... and wish you Bon Voyage next week!

Anonymous said...

hey you guys! have a marvelous time...hopefully a luna moth will come visit you the night before you leave to bring you luck!
happy birthday sebastian! i can't believe it-5!!!
keep in touch y'all!...please!
love to sebastian and nico!

h,j,g,l and now TWO puppies(c and e) and of course, b!