Friday, June 20, 2008

5 Years: A Retrospective

How quickly five years can past. From when I first discovered him...

Here he is, all blotchy and new. And so alert. Always so alert.

To Japan....

And back. His first encounter with real beach sand.

His last day of being an only child.

Sebastian opened up our lives and made it amazingly better. He is a constant joy.

He is passionate, stubborn, silly, hilarious, intelligent, and kind.

He has put up with us over and over and taught us how to be better parents and humans.

I am so utterly grateful to have such a person in my life. Thank you, Sebastian. Thank you for choosing us.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday sebastian!

amisha said...

such a sweet post! happy birthday sebastian!! xox

Ayumi said...

Time flies....
Happy birthday Sebastian!
And I wish you good luck!