Wednesday, March 26, 2008

thoughts like clouds

These days I am writing in my journal again. I like the space it allows, the privacy. Such a rare commodity.

The fire under the Goto Islands plan seems to have been extinguished. It's a pity but we'll figure out something else to do.

Do you think I would make a good nurse? Probably not but I want something to do that is pragmatic and gives us a livable income. Teaching is an obvious option though I wish the salary was just a tad higher. And that is only because I want to put Jason through university and enroll the boys in Montessori school.

I don't feel as anxious about things as I used to. Perhaps it is because we seem to be preparing ourselves in a better fashion this time. The combined total of our working hours is about 75-80 now. Jason is pulling in the most with two jobs that both require early, early rising on his part. We'll have enough savings to move wherever we decide. Now only to make a decision.

Sebastian keeps saying that we'll be moving back to Riverside (the neighborhood in Jacksonville where we lived before) soon because "we are Riverside people". Jason and I always exchange looks at this, wondering if we are in fact Riverside people. I would rather prefer to break away from Riverside once and for all. But what if Sebastian is right?

We are outside most days in my parents' backyard, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, and swinging. I enjoy laying on the ground, feeling the earth beneath me.

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