Saturday, March 08, 2008

and now, a shark's tooth

it's a windy saturday morning here. jason is at work at the _________ helping ________. in a bit, i'll get ready for my shift at the _______ where i work part-time with a bunch of young pups and their cell phones. i was offered a promotion there but i declined, for obvious reasons. i was also offered another position this week and am hoping to hear back from the preschool in japan before next week so i can reasonably decline it as well. i have been corresponding with the woman who arranges matters with the school and she is very kind and positive so i remain hopeful. the position wouldn't start until june and so we wouldn't leave florida for new york until may. she did go ahead and extend the invitation to stay at her house to the boys and jason. so at least she likes me. now if only the preschool director will approve... i am very excited about the possibility of working with preschoolers. i have been collecting lots of ABC materials like cookie cutters and stamps and those little beads we used as kids to make elastic bracelets with our names. i feel better, more awake and present than i have in a long time. having an idea about our direction is just what we needed.
i made a simple movable alphabet out of index cards and we've been working with sebastian on putting sounds together to make words. he's become more interested in painting lately and is actually producing images beyond his little scribbles he calls monsters. though we like the monsters, it is interesting to see his perspective on paper. nico meanwhile is building an impressive catalog of words: apple, apple sauce, nana, papa, sebastian, dada, mama, ball, book, bird, gomi, giraffe, elephant, tiger, dog, kitty, hana, berry, shoes, diaper, and diego. diego? sebastian's taken a shine to the nick jr. character but it is mainly because of the animal aspect. he still loves his regular dose of bbc's planet earth or life of - and amazes us with his knowledge of various creatures. his collection of schleich animals continues to grow because now we must obtain animals that are considered nico's so that they will share the menagerie a little more peacefully.
i have to go and put on my __________ and go to work. i hate going to work on beautiful days, especially following housebound day full of tornado and flood warnings. anyway, look at today's picture closely before you go. do you see it? i didn't see it myself until i was putting the photos on the computer. a good lesson about paying attention for me. hope you are all well.
take care.


Anonymous said...

I think I found it, is it on the left half about a third of the way up?

Ayumi said...

It's getting warmer here.
I'm gonna leave Nara soon...